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The Team



Maria Razumovskaya

Maria's resolve to immerse audiences into the life-enhancing experience of music has found outlets in her activities as an internationally acclaimed pianist, writer, recording artist, and through teaching. Conviviality is at the heart of her work whether with students at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, international festivals, or with music-lovers. Setting up and directing the inaugural festival Piano Keys is a natural extension of her vision. 

Maria Razumovskaya

Bridge Over a Lake

In the future

Special Guests

2022 is only the beginning of Piano Keys.  We are brimming with a myriad of ideas and ambitions.  We are unafraid of the hard graft that goes into making things a success.  But, we all start small.  

As we get up on our feet with your help and support, and grow, we will be pushing ahead to turn that wish-list into action.  We can't wait for you to enjoy becoming a part of that action.


Watch this space - we promise not to disappoint! 

Do look at our ideas here:


Piano technician

Joseph Taylor

Joseph is the magician who knows how to spot and unlock the hidden potential of pianos.  As one of the country's leading craftsmen he often has the unenviable task of being left to avert potential disasters by translating the incredibly vague but insistent demands of international musical superstars into workable, diplomatic solutions. Along with the magician's cape, Joseph is an expert piano clinician and surgeon ready to fix all piano ailments.  

Joseph Taylor


The Piano

A very special Steinway D

Every pianist knows that the star of the show is the piano. The Festival's Steinway piano is one of the UK's most sought-after concert hire instruments.  Formerly residing on the Royal Festival Hall's main stage, and much-loved by the BBC concert broadcasts, you can imagine the legendary names whose performances it has supported and inspired - and it's ready to connect you to those historic moments, and impress upon you some unforgettable memories...

Meet the festival's piano here

Steinway & Sons D

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